5 Favorite Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to them all the time. Especially when I’m driving. I started listening to them over two years ago when the radio died in the car I used to drive. Rarely do I listen to music while driving. Now I listen to podcasts. Except right now it’s a toss up between Christmas music and podcasts while in the car. Of course, the best part is you can listen to them anywhere, not just in the car. That just happens to be my favorite place.

I like to listen to anything about running, health & wellness, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and real, honest talk. I love learning and being able to pass it on to the athletes I coach, my family, my friends and basically anyone who will listen. Sometimes I even add my two cents while I’m listening (yes, I know they can’t hear me). I always feel part of the conversation that’s why I love these. There are so many I like but here are my current favorite 5 (in no particular order):

  1. Yogi Triathlete – Jess and Bj (my coaches) host this podcast. I actually found out about them from listening to one of my other favorite podcasts, Running on Om (although this podcast is no longer you can still listen to the episodes here). I can’t wait for each weeks show, which they post on Mondays. If you want to find your inner badass this is the podcast to do it.
  2. Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette – I love when Nicole posts a new season of eight-episodes. It makes me want to get in my car and drive around just so I can listen. Her conversations are “filled with refreshingly honest conversations about the wonderful mess of being human.” Don’t you just love that.
  3. The Rich Roll Podcast – Every Monday there is a new episode waiting for me to dive into. If you want to “unlock your best self,” you have to listen. I often can’t wait for him to post his next episode. Rich’s conversations are deep about all things wellness. He’s not afraid to bring you “forward thinking & paradigm shifting” conversations. Many of his conversations have had a major impact on me.
  4. Endurance Planet – This podcast is hosted by Tawnee Prazak Gibson. I love the podcast series, Ask the Coaches, with co-host Tim “Lucho” Waggoner. It’s one of my favorites. I learn a ton from tuning in to the listener questions they answer or their conversations about training, MAF training, strength work in the off season…and on and on. I gain so much in my own coaching from listening to them.
  5. The Tim Ferriss Show – His podcast is often the #1 business podcast. However, I find this podcast to be so much more. He “deconstructs world-class performers,” so we can see how they did it, what tools they use, routines, what’s their story. That’s what I love about this podcast.

I absolutely love hearing the stories of others and each of these podcasts can really guide you to your best self, your inner badass. I love hearing about people, what they are doing and how they got to where they are in their life. We all have a story.  We can all learn from each other. I learn something from each and every episode I listen to. There have been conversations from each of these podcasts that caused me to change something in my own life. If you don’t already, I hope you take a listen this holiday season. You may hear something that may just change your life.