make a choice

It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. – J. K. Rowling

I love this picture of Ginger. Tongue hanging out and going for it. I took this picture the other day while we were hiking in the woods. We were walking down the path and came upon a tree that had fallen. Without even thinking about it Ginger took off and jumped over.

In the face of this obstacle Ginger had a choice:

  1. Stop, turn around and go back.
  2. Go around.
  3. Jump over.
  4. Just stop and stay where she was (glad she didn’t do that because I would have had to carry her out of the woods).

When I thought of all these choices she had it reminded me of something someone told me once. Not making a choice is a choice. How we choose to react to an obstacle put in our path, what we decide to do or not do, we can get angry, we can get calm, we can breathe, we can do nothing, we can not make a choice and keeps things the way they are. However, the choice we make is ours.

Just like in running, with training or during a race, challenges are going to present themselves to us. In that moment we have a choice. Stay comfortable and do nothing and stay where we are or we can ask ourselves if we have a little more to give. Sometimes we do and sometimes we are giving it everything we have on that day.

So the next time you have a choice to make, an obstacle in your path I just want you to take a moment to remind yourself that you have a choice. It may not be easy but you do have a choice to get closer to who you truly are or stay right where you are. It’s your choice. And ignoring it and doing nothing is a choice.





This made me start thinking of obstacles in our path and our choices in the face of those obstacles.