What do you want the remaining chapters in your life to be about? – Billy Yang (from his amazing new film, The Why)

My training today was run easy. 30 minutes or if feeling fatigued, walk it out and save it for my long run tomorrow. I had a moment this morning of wanting to walk it out. I stopped and asked myself, “Was I feeling fatigued? No. Was I tired? Yes.” It’s Friday. I have had back to back days of training. Of course I was tired. This was a day to remind myself of my goals. The roads were icy so today was going to be a treadmill day. I know how the head can get in the way. One of the reasons my athletes hire me is I get it. When my mindset starts out with feeling this way I start taking things one step at a time.

  • I got dressed.
  • I put on my shoes.
  • I walked downstairs.
  • And watched Billy Yangs new film, The Why – Running 100 Miles. I just knew it would be what I needed for todays run and it was the right amount of time.The film is 29:44. I was excited to watch it. His films always inspire me. This movie was AWESOME!

It was exactly what I needed. The run and the film. I was so inspired by this short film and all the things he said in his movie. The quote above is a question that he asks at the end and really reminded me why I push through a run like today, why I am a coach…So…how do you want to answer this question.

Sitting on the couch. Saying I’ll do it tomorrow. Staying in your comfort zone.

I want you to get up. Take a step. Get your shoes. Tie your shoes. Walk outside and start putting one foot in front of the other. That’s how you start the road to better health mentally and physically.

I am passionate about guiding people to move. To run. To fuel better. To find the space in their lives to do things they didn’t think they could. The things that stay on “the list” every single day.

You don’t have to do it alone. I don’t. Contact me here and let’s talk about how I may be able to help you. How would you have used the 29:44 to beat yesterday? What chapter do you want to be writing?